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Do Si Dos

Indica Dominant
Faceoff OG x GSC
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Strain Description

Do Si Dos is an intensely relaxing indica dominant strain, with sweet, earthy flavors and a pungent aroma that stings the nostrils.

Grow Notes

Do Si Dos is a great yielder with dense buds, purple veins down to the stem, and notes of purple when you break the bud apart. She is a true Do Si-pheno, with both sweet and pungent aromas and flavors. Dosi-Do is very relaxing, very tasty, and very frosty. And, unsurprisingly, she is a RYTHM Grow team favorite.

Top Terpenes



  • THCa 23-27%
  • THC .74%
  • CBD .04%
  • CBG .02%

*Expected potency

Taste + Aroma

  • Sweet
  • Woody
  • Pine
  • Floral
  • Spice

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