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What if I have an issue with my RYTHM Product?

First read all the FAQ’s below. If not answered below, please talk with your dispensary first. We empower our dispensary partners to handle most product issues and questions. If you have already reached out to them and you can’t find your answer we are here to help, please email [email protected]

When emailing please have prepared pictures or videos of the issue if possible and access to any identifying numbers such as state batch codes.

Why does my cart/disposable look less than full?

This space is called “Head Space. ” We use the highest quality CCELL vape hardware that has a high capacity ceramic wick. We will fill our carts and disposables to the specified amounts listed on the packaging. Once the oil is filled the wick starts absorbing the cannabis oil. This absorption can soak up 30%+ of the oil in the unit. That oil is still in your device, primed and ready to smoke in the wick.

My disposable died and still has oil left in it.

If your disposable is within 30 days of purchase, please contact your dispensary of purchase. The product is covered with a 30-day battery warranty.

Why only a 30-day warranty?

Disposables are designed to be a quick and convenient way to consume on the go. They are designed to be a limited use item. We would never want to dictate how you consume so if you plan to consume at a pace that would be over 30 days we recommend going with our RYTHM carts that are used with a rechargeable battery.

My RYTHM Chocolate melted.

Unfortunately due to the unpredictable nature of weather melted chocolate is not an issue that is covered in warranty process. Please ensure to check the product (by feel) before leaving the dispensary and ensure transport and storage in a cool environment

I broke my cartridge or disposable.

Unfortunately physical damage is not covered under our warranty process. 

If you have a question on what qualifies as physical damage, please email us at [email protected] with a photo.

Rythm Wave Horozontal Rule

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