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Discover a beat that’s all your own.

RYTHM harnesses the unique qualities of each strain for the full spectrum of mind and body benefits. From the flavor to the feeling, our craft is high-quality cannabis that hits on every note.


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Your passion is our promise

A true-to-plant experience in a variety of products to fit your lifestyle.

RYTHM Cannabis Flower


Exceptional strains. Expertly grown.

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RYTHM Vape Pen


100% Cannabis. Never any additives.

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Maximum terpenes. High flavor and potency.

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Our Approach

We honor the whole plant throughout the process.

Expertly Raised Flower

Individualized care for every plant ensures optimal potency and peak purity across each and every grow cycle for the highest quality cannabis products.

Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

Our extraction methods deliver full spectrum cannabinoids, preserving the full potential benefits of the original plant.

100% Strain Specific Terpenes

Our terpenes are always strain specific, delivering the nuanced aromas, flavors, and potential effects of each unique strain.

The Entourage Effect

Cannabis is so much more than THC. Because RYTHM preserves the full array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the original plant, you can enjoy a harmonious true to plant experience, often referred to as the entourage effect.

Find your RYTHM

Our products are sold across nine states through our dispensary partners.

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