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Durban Z

Sativa Dominant
Z x Durban Poison
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Strain Description

Durban Z is an energizing sativa dominant strain, featuring a strong lemon profile layered with a sweet-tart fruitiness.

Grow Notes

Durban Z leans very Durban with a sweet, floral scent. When she is harvested, the whole facility smells like Durban and a flower garden. She is really dense and frosty from the inside and out. Her nugs are resinous and so sticky that she can be tricky to trim. The effects of Durban Z are sativa-leaning, immediate, and very cerebral; anticipate euphoric and floaty feelings. Our RYTHM Grow team says they typically feel focused when consuming, and suggest that Durban Z is great for cleaning your house or gaming.

Top Terpenes



  • THCa 23-27%
  • THC 1.35%
  • CBD .1%
  • CBG .18%

*Expected potency

Taste + Aroma

  • Citrus
  • Sweet
  • Fruit
  • Sour

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